Walls define your home !
Walls have an important role to play in the way your home looks. Choose colours that suit your personality, the light availability in the rooms. For the living room, go for an accent wall with bold colors, for bedrooms keep it soft and minimal.

Your furniture speaks about your taste !
It is always better to get customised furniture made than buying the readily available ones in the market because when put together, everything you buy may not be the way you want your home to look. Taking out time and investing in getting the furniture made with the right ply and fabric is the best thing to do. After all furniture occupies the most space of your home..

Rugs and cushions play an interesting role ! Rugs and cushions add that extra edge that not only add personality and texture to a room; they also create a visual demarcation. Play with colours that will match your furniture and make them stand apart.

Lights can create the required ambience ! Kitchen and living room are best with bright lights and a bedroom needs warm lights to create the ambience. Always remember that the other aspects like furniture, curtains, rugs, cushions etc; are justified with proper lighting that leaves an aesthetic feel of your home.