Block the light, keep the style!! Style the windows in any room in your home with curtain ideas from Ovili designer furnishings, here are the top curtain styles for 2019.

Every home needs a décor style. A simple apartment or a posh condominium, a Victorian mansion or a modern duplex- the insides of every home glow up with the beautiful decorations of the upholstery and inside walls. That is why it is important to choose the right designer furnishings for your home.

The trend in designer drapes in the year 2019 is as follows:

Wooden Blinds with Slats:
Be it a narrow slat or a wide slat, wooden venetian blinds are in fashion this year. Light pickle color and dark mahogany finish look chic in the study room. The color can complement the upholstery of the furniture placed inside your home. For the bedroom you can opt for wooden shutters. Especially, if your bedroom is small, it would provide perfect privacy without having to close the windows.

Luxurious Jewel-based Tones:
2019 is expected to come off the mattes of 2018 and be inclined towards exquisite jewel finished fabrics. The look could be paired with shiny finishes. Jewel crust designer furnishings add a sense of elegance and add depth of field to the room. People who love artistic decorations can also go for such blinds. Metallic curtains, geometrical shape and high-shine surfaces are popular in Hyderabad.

Austrian Shades: To add drama to the bedroom and add elegance instantly, Austrian shades are great options for designer drapes in 2019. The delicate and romantic style adds to the looks of the building. For starters, these shades evoke the old-world charm in an alluring manner. If you want to add minimalistic decoration to your room, the texture and visual play of these curtains are really important. The rooms of Hyderabad will look more luxurious with such curtains.

Patterned Curtains and Matching Upholstery: The living room curtains trend in 2019 follows two different ways. The first one is to choose color coordinating curtains. The room can be of basic style while the curtains could be color coordinating with the upholstery. This might include the designer drapes, mirrors, ceiling and other components of upholsteries. The colors that are people’s favorite are pearl grey, sand-color, beige and ivory. The other style is to have patterned designer furnishings inside your bedroom. The curtains and upholstery should have the same print. People prefer floral prints, contemporary prints of blue, grey and brown and many more.

These are the top 4 trending styles in designer curtain in the year 2019. The trends clearly indicate that the luxurious intricacies in the design are coming back in trend this year.